Well, it’s Monday….

& it’s already been an adventurous week!  Damn near got arrested this morning, because of a misunderstanding.  Two weeks ago, I got gas for my car at my local gas station…I put my credit card in the gas pump, thought it took the payment, & drove off.  This morning, I went to the same gas station to get gas, the pump would not take my card, & the manager saw me & motioned for me to come into the store.  I did & he told me he would take my card & hold it, while I got gas, I thought it was strange, but I said, “ok” & went back out to pump the gas.  He came out behind me & started writing down my tag number!  I asked him why he was doing this, & he told me that I stole $20.00 in gas from him last time – I was shocked!  I quickly told him that it was an accident (which it was)!  He saw that I was visibly shaken,  & told me to come in after I got my gas & we would work it out.  So, I got my gas & came in.  He suggested that I use the ATM, & I told him I didn’t know my PIN number, …He said, “ok, how about you buy a $20.00 lottery ticket from me, & I (the manager) keep the ticket?”  I agreed.  I hope this man wins a million, & I don’t want any of it.  Honest mistake.  Then, I got to work, & found out a coworker got engaged!  JEEZ!

I’m going to stop…

dating on Facebook…THAT’S WHAT’S DRIVING ME INSANE… ALL THESE DAMNED, FAKE, STUPID, PROFILES!!!  People asking me for shit piles of money, so that they can “come see me”, O-M-G!!!  How damn stupid do these idiots think I am???  Does my picture REALLY make me look THAT damned Gullible???  JESUS on a popsicle stick!!!  Surprised I’m still sane…but barely!!!  Pray?  Yeah, right.