Well, screwed over again…

…date got canceled, this time, permanently.  I don’t know what I did, but I’m of small issue to it, anymore.  Wednesday night we talked, she mentioned she was excited about seeing me Saturday, then she sent me a text Friday cancelling again – no explanation, no further contact, no answering phone calls.  Bitch.


I have a date Saturday…

and she sounds real nice every time I talk to her by phone.  I have basically taken myself off of every dating site except two, and that is fine with me.  I am just doing what I want now, which sounds selfish, but really isn’t, because now, I do not much care what people what people say or think of me.  Growing older has its advantages!  I also racked-up another trophy in May of 2018, too! The 2018 Steve Smith Memorial Trophy.1st sword

Now, 2018…

I AM going to pay my car repairs, credit card, computer, & coins off.  I’m hoping to get this stuff cleared by mid-February.  I’m putting dating on hold for a while (but I’m leaving my profiles up; whatever happens, happens), while I take care of these bills.  Once I get these mail order coins paid off, I’ll just stick to buying local coins.

Back to the gym, too.  I’m sick of being out of the gym.

I believe God has changed me these 2 1/2 years.  I’m no longer mad or upset at God or any stupid stuff like that.  That was just dumb frustration to begin with, on my part.

I’m a lot calmer now, too.  I’ve noticed it, and other people have. too.  It just isn’t worthy to worry about garbage like that.  If people want to be jackasses, who cares?