I wonder why women don’t like me. It’s always some sort of excuse…you’re too short (which usually IS the case), you’re too young, you’re too old (which is usually NOT the case, thank God), or you have a disability. I mean there are such things as preferences, sure…but I’m afraid people use preferences as excuses for not giving people a fair chance. To be fair, I have preferences too, but I don’t let them dictate to me who I’m not going to go out with before I at least give them a chance to change my mind by going out with them a few times. I mean, THAT’S nuts! For instance, I prefer brunette women, but I’m not going to hold it against a woman that I like if she happens to be a redhead or a blond by not going out on a couple of dates with her – that would be ridiculous, as well as shallow.  More on this later.


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