Asking for money

Why on Earth do people insist on asking for money over the Internet? JESUS! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! I had ANOTHER girl last night ask me for money! I told her I don’t send money & she actually had the gall to ask why! Which tells me that she knew EXACTLY why not to ask for money. In fact, most sites themselves tell you that if anyone asks for money, NOT to send it,…& to report them! So,that’s what I did…reported her. Her profile said she was someplace in Georgia, but she told me she was in Ghana, Africa. THAT ought to tell the average person something right there!

On another note, I had another girl from Youngstown ask me to meet her at Shipwreck Island this coming Saturday. I think I’ll do that one. Besides, I haven’t been to Shipwreck Island in years!

I also started back training last night, so I’m sore. But I’m happy about that….at least it gives me something to concentrate on.


One thought on “Asking for money

  1. Yay for the Shipwreck date! I like that she’s local and hope you two connect and have an awesome time! You deserve someone special!

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