Dating sites

I have tried numerous dating sites & they all stink…I have tried PlentyofFish, Christiandate, Fusion 101, OkCupid, DateHookup, Zoosk, & countless others I cannot remember…they all suck! Right now, I’m still on PlentyofFish, DateHookup, & OkCupid…(& I should have my head examined for it)…the ABSOLUTE WORST of these three is PlentyofFish. Women on PlentyofFish would not know a good man from a doorknob! DateHookup is about as bad, because God forbid if they don’t like your photo – they insult you on it. People actually made fun of my bodybuilding pictures & called me “Gay” (which I’m not). They did not even take into account how much WORK, PAIN, & SACRIFICE it takes to do that sort of thing. I mean, there will always be haters, I accept that…in fact, it’s GOOD that there are haters, because haters DRIVE people like bodybuilders to do what we do…the more they hate, the more WE train…they hate because they could NEVER do what we do. I feel like I’m “hoping against hope” that someone will find me attractive enough on one of my three remaining sites to give me a chance…I feel like a failure in love. Notice I did not say “game of love”, because love is not a game…so many people treat it as if it is,…& THAT’S the problem. People have pretty much turned into “heartless bastards”. Especially women! More later.


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