I have NO hope for…

humans…we’re just too fucking stupid to exist!


Yet another one…

backed out on a date…I’m not surprised,…however, I am perplexed as to why…she said she was always sick is why…which I think is B.S.

And I don’t think it’s me! All this CAN’T be just MY fault. I have no hope for humankind anymore (if I ever did have, in the first place). People are just crap…the sooner God destroys this planet, the better.


I have a good friend. He & I were talking the other night & he brought up an excellent point…& I think he very well could be right. He said he thought I could be socially mal-adjusted. I expect people to do what they say (Founding Father Thomas Paine was the same way – even to his own detriment!), & when they don’t, I find it offensive. I consider myself a man of honor, & while everything I say is not perfect or good, the intentions ARE honorable, ESPECIALLY when it comes to History…I’ve studied United States History front to back & I know things that surprise most people, because most people don’t study History anymore…let ALONE study it the WAY I study it….but that’s another story. I also┬áprefer functionality OVER form…that’s rare these days. In other words, it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s can you perform the job competently & correctly…notice I didn’t say perfectly…NO ONE is perfect.

When it comes to people, I find this extremely disconcerting! For example, most females┬átake a look at your picture & then decide if they want you or not, JUST based on your looks,…& God Forbid if they sense ANYTHING wrong in the way you talk to them, but then they can do anything they want to a man because “they’re women & after all, women ARE the fairer sex”, right? To this, I say B.S. Look, I’ve learned to not trust people – especially females, with lots of exceptions. I have legitimate reasons for this….which we’ve seen a little of already.

I’ve been through so many phsychological abusive situtions with females (from 9th grade until now) that it isn’t funny. I’m frustrated with how females can change their minds with NO rationality behined it at all – none! Guys do it too…to be sure, but women are much more adept to doing it, then, blaming it on “Women’s Intuition”, which is crap. More later.


I’ve been told I have anger issues…which I probably do, to be honest…, but when a female contacts me first, talks to me, & then, all of a sudden quits talking to me, what am I supposed to do,… just smile & take it!?! I don’t think so!!! Everybody has the right to get mad but me…bullshit.