Humanity and Civility (Part 2)

I find it interesting that females are ALWAYS trying to get guys to be human & civil, but when it comes to females, they’re allowed to do any-damn-thing they please,…I’m sick of this…females on websites are allowed to not answer people based on the so-called fact that, “they’re not interested, therefore they shouldn’t have to answer IF they’re not interested” then, they have the gall to bitch out the guy if he shows the least indignation at not getting a response…then, the girl whines about, “where are all the good guys at?” WTH!?! This is what angers me about females.

To get a good guy, you need to have some manners. In other words, BE what y’all females like to call civil,…otherwise, y’all will get an animal, because you will eventually piss off the guy, to where he doesn’t care WHO gets hurt…this is what’s happened to me…I’ve been treated RUDELY so many times, that I no longer care who gets hurt! Now, if this happens to me, I’m more likely to tell you to go to hell, than to sit there & beg you to go out with me like some stupid, gutless, little shit!

This is why I say “CIVILITY” is overrated, because females use it on the male as an excuse to either turn him into a gutless wimp (by implying, “if you were nice, you’d do what I want”), OR get him so Goddamned mad that he hates women. More later.

4 thoughts on “Humanity and Civility (Part 2)

  1. Online dating is a warped way to meet people… and something about it makes people act in a way that they would never in real life. But women might not reply because they get too many messages. There’s only so many hours in a day. It wouldn’t be like that if so many men didn’t send messages to every female online. It wrecks it for the men that do send messages more selectively. You have to get thicker skin about it all. If not, online dating isn’t for you… and really, do you want the wrong women to reply and waste your time?? don’t paint women with one brush, they aren’t all bad 🙂

    • Well, What I have suggested to these type sites is that they have an “automated rejection response” with generic responses. That way, all a person has to do, is select a pre-made response & send it with the hit of one button.

      • I think some of them do have those. I used to send my own generic thanks but no thanks responses. But most of the time they were met with very hostile and/or passive aggressive attacks. So I quit…. but will still send one if a guy really took the time to write a message. Trust me when I say – being non-civil is something that men do online as well….

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