These are the times that try men’s souls…

What have we DONE!?! We will not survive this…we have elected, or rather, re-elected an anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-energy, anti-Christian, pro-Socialist, monster for president! People are more concerned about “American Idol” than American History. I never thought…I never thought I would see this day. I have heard, & …continue to hear, …the warning bells…one if by land,…two if by sea…people, very few, know what’s coming…for those who do…turn to God, He’s the optimal option, in fact,…He’s the ONLY Option! …always has been…always will be. I have fought…I have fought HARD…but I’ve done all I can do…I voted. Now, it’s up to each one of us that still believe in the Founding Fathers Dreams for this Country to further “These Dreams” however we can…I urge you to study, STUDY American History…& LEARN from it! I WILL NOT cower, I will NOT give up, I will NOT hide…this is MY Country!


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