You know…I find it interesting

I was talking (or rather arguing) with a friend last night, who supported that screwup obama…& he accused me of not thinking for myself because I’m a big fan of Rush Limbaugh. I find that ironic…this idiot then proceeded to try & berate me by using Liberal Talking Points! Talk about NOT thinking for yourself…damn! We have become an “Entitlement Society”, sad to say. Look, you want nice things? You get up off your lazy entitlement butt & WORK for it! No one owes you a damn thing… except you! And, yes, I am the 1%! I’m not rich – nor will I ever be, but I work my tail off for what I do have, & so do people like Mitt Romney & Donald Trump. These people made something of themselves because they got off their butts and WORKED! STOP WHINING, & START THINKING, & WORKING…& stop giving me me this 99% mentality B.S., & yes, I DID say idiot, because if you’re going to act like one, I’m going to call you one!


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