I’m thinking of shutting down most of my….

internet ativities. This includes: certain dating sites, my chess site, & hiding certain parts of my Facebook profile. This Country has changed, & none of this matters anymore – not dating profiles, not video games, not favs, & not stupid damned issues on Facebook. I will keep this blog open, my chess site, two dating sites, parts of my facebook, & of course my email, but that’s about it. It’s just none of this matters anymore…none of it! For those of you reading this, I suggest you do the same …a storm is coming, & the less you have on the internet, the better…just over half of this Country has, yet again, selected a Socialist Bastard for president. Things are going to get BAD…and I doubt we’ll survive as a Country, so just do what you can, & leave the rest to God.


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