I just hate women…

& the way they treat me…they aren’t worth it, they gripe & complain about finding no one out there for them, but when somebody writes them, they cry, “stalker!” One word: IDIOTS! Every-fucking-one of them!


3 thoughts on “I just hate women…

  1. You had another post where you wrote “I am just tired of never getting ANYWHERE with women.” But how do you expect to find a woman when you also say (or think) “they aren’t worth it,” and when you call “every-fucking-one of them IDIOTS”? Being single is frustrating (I’m single, so I know!) but don’t blame the opposite sex. Work on yourself first, because I believe we need to learn to be happy as singles before we can be ready for a relationship (happy does not necessarily mean being “content” with being single, though).

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