My final reply…

This is a copy of the last letter I wrote “my friend” after he threatened me:

This is not an apology letter by any stretch of the imagination. You need to get over yourself. I did not say anything derrogatory about your mother & you know that, & I have the FB posts to prove it. That being said, don’t EVER threaten me again, I don’t play that shit, & YOU, of all people, know it. Now, if you want to throw away a nearly 40 year old friendship, because of some perceived slight against your mother, that’s your affair…you do whatever the hell you want…I’m of small issue to it. I’m not mad, I’m not angry, & I’m damn sure not upset in the least…& by the way, trying to hurt me by insulting my sexual prowess – juvenile….sounds like something a 15 year old kid would do…& I, frankly, don’t care, & I have more important things to take care of while I’m waiting on her to show up. Now, when you grow up, get back with me on FB, & we’ll see what we can work out.

End of discussion.

Kerry Ricardo Corley Jr. <><

FSU Graduate 1996 – Panama City Campus

Spirit of 1776 – God save The Republic!

Ever have somebody …

…go off the “deep end”? A friend of mine did last night.

Transcript is as follows:

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