I am just tired…

of never getting ANYWHERE with women. I am a good man, but I constantly come in DEAD last with females…it’s either, “you’re too short”, “you’re not blonde”, “you’re not hispanic”, “you’re not 6ft”, “you’re not adventurous enough”, “I don’t feel we’re good together”, “you’re too angry”, “you want too much”, “I’m already talking to someone”, “we don’t have enough common interests together”, “you’re boring”, “you’re not my type”, “you’re nice, but…(fill in the blank)”, “you’ve got a disability”, “you’re ugly”, “I want someone closer to my city(even though we’re ONLY 50 miles or less apart, & I’m WILLING to travel!)”, all these damned EXCUSES…plus, I get a lot of the obligatory, “I’m in another country. Will you send me money to get to you?” sort of thing. Bottom line, I’m tired, & no one gets it, least of all, God.


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