I am on a dating site…

with literally thousands & thousands of people on it, & I feel like the “bottom rung on the ladder”. Hardly anyone responds to me when I write them,…& when they do, the answer is always, “no”. My self-esteem has dropped through the bottom floor, & I don’t feel like I’m “good enough” for anyone. I hesitate to even try to send messages to anyone, anymore, because it is so painful when no one answers…I mean, you put yourself out there & people just kick you in the butt. I feel like killing myself. Who knows?,…I might just get up the courage one day to do it!


4 thoughts on “I am on a dating site…

  1. Hope your last statement was tongue in cheek….
    If online dating is doing that to you then get out. It totally played with my emotions in a number of ways. Not worth it. I have had a few friends (men and women) quit and never go back to it. Too many games. Too many jerks…

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