I am quitting Plenty Of Fish

Here is a copy of my final letter to POF:

“I am quitting POF for good. I’ve been with POF almost since its inception, written hundreds of women on POF & usually get no answer. I know now that it is NOT POF’s fault & never has been. It IS, however, the quality of people on POF that is at fault. I know quite a few men on POF, besides myself, who’ve hardly been given a chance by females, which is a real shame. I do apologize for blaming POF for this in the past, as there is probably little, if anything, POF can do about this.  I am disappointed that I could not find anybody on “the world’s largest totally free dating site”, but “sometimes you hit, sometimes you don’t”. I don’t know what I could have done differently, as I tried everything from changing pictures to redoing my “about me” section several times. I know now, that there is nothing for me on here, sad to say. I wish I could have done better, as all I wanted was one person to love & call “my sweetheart”, but I guess it “wasn’t meant to be”.


Kerry R. Corley Jr.



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