I think someone needs a little lesson in History & Natural Law…. My mom had a liberal friend come down from Virginia & stay with us for a while. Now, my mom is NOT a liberal…never has been & never will be. This liberal friend of hers INSISTED on talking about gun rights inside MY home, while he was here….he made the BIG damn mistake of saying that he didn’t “see the need to have a semi-automatic gun for civilian use”… I launched into him like a hawk on a rat…I informed him that when Ronald Reagan was shot, Reagan did not try to ban guns…to which he said, “that was an isolated incident, the assassin didn’t try to kill 20 kids inside a school”, I fucking EXPLODED on him! I told him, “DEAD IS DEAD, WHETHER IT’S 20 PEOPLE, OR 1 PERSON!” My mom launched into me for launching into him! I couldn’t believe it! My mom & I talked on it later. She told me I was “wrong” for launching on him. I said, “Not in  my own damned house!” I said, “Look, there is such a thing as “Personal Sovereignty”…in other words, if you go into a bear’s den to try & pet him on the head, he’s going to tear your arm off!” She asked, “What are you talking about?” I said, “I’m talking about “Natural Law & Personal Sovereignty”, every living thing on this planet has it, from plants, to animals, to humans…now, somebody comes into MY territory (my house) & spouts off liberal B.S. in MY space, they WILL get their proverbial heads handed to them, NO exceptions!” I then told her, “Even if one of MY friends came into MY space with that liberal crap, it wouldn’t matter, I’d hand him his head, too, & I’d expect you to back me up!” She said, “Well, you won’t have many friends if you do that”, I said, “Better to be a dead lion, than a live sheep…this is EXACTLY why this Country is in deep trouble – people compromise their beliefs in order to “Maintain Peace”…to THIS, I say, not NO, but HELL NO!”  I am a DIE-HARD Constitutionalist & respecter of The Founding Fathers…even to my own detriment!… In fact, the ONLY writings I value more HIGHLY than The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, & The Bill of Rights, is The Bible,…because The Bible is where all 3 of these terrific writings came from & are based on!

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