I am so GODDAMN mad!!!

My ride for the Pensacola show in April backed out on me this morning…said he had to work that day, but I’m NOT buying it! I let him know the date of this competition WELL in advance, just so this WOULDN’T happen! Screw it, I’m going on my own… what a dickhead! And the HELL of it is,…I was going to pay his WHOLE way, the WHOLE weekend! THAT’s the BITCH of it!


That’s it… I’m a loser

Three more women just played me for a Goddamn fool! I really thought God was on my side, but I guess not. I had made the big fucking mistake of rejoining POF,…if I were a weaker man, I’d kill myself…I’m tired of females treating me like shit. I ABSOLUTELY HATE women! They think they’re so Goddamn fucking smart! Damn near all of them are so fucking shallow, that they would drown in a sippy cup of water. Bitches! POF needs to be shut down permanently! God has abandoned me on this.