I had another “friend” quit me on Facebook…

Claiming that I claimed that “the world owed me something” which it does not.  All I’m asking for is some danged courtesy! Like when I write somebody on a dating site, I expect an answer back, EVEN if it is “no, thank you”. Usually, I get nothing …not an answer, not a reply, not a “go fuck yourself” NOTHING… but yet I’m supposed to allow myself to get kicked in the teeth, but say NOTHING & LET THEM DO IT… well, NO MORE…I have some sense of respect about myself now…NOT ego…RESPECT. People are going to kick you no matter what you do…it’s ALWAYS going to be someone else’s “sense of superiority” trying to trump your own. I’m not looking to trump anybody, but neither will I let people “walk all over me” either! I’ll probably never get married like I want, because people are just too damned mean (myself included) 😦

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