Shit, I’m just going to post my frustrations…

…in here, because people on Facebook just don’t really care, & to tell the truth, they shouldn’t. That’s the mistake I’ve been making. A lot of people use facebook as a catch-all, be-all, & that shouldn’t be what it’s used for. I mean, we all have problems…who doesn’t?Mine just happen to be in one particular area (Thank God it’s only one)…women, & I don’t handle it well at all… but I’m not going to degrade into that stuff today…I’ve a migraine & don’t feel like it. Besides, I’ve knocked out a lot of stuff in my “about me” section, hidden the actual profile better, hidden a lot of pictures, & also hidden information on it. Bottom line, I just get tired of getting hit up by these girls who just want money! I’ve been through hundreds, literally…& I’m sick of it. It starts out kind of like this:

girl: “Hello, my name is ____, & I’m from New York City (or whatever bullshit city), I work in antiquities, specifically in African Antiquities. You’re kind of cute.” (or whatever the latest “sucker line” is for the day.)  “I’m now in West Africa (B.S.), but I’ll be coming back to the states soon & would like to meet you.” (Another B.S. line.)

me: “When are you coming back?”

girl: “Soon.”

me: “Can you get here on your own?”

girl: “Yes, but I need you to help me with some stuffs with customs, it’s for my business.”

me: “I don’t do that.”

girl: “Why?” (Can you believe this shit???)

me: “Because I just don’t; it’s dangerous…” (& it just continues to degrade from there…)

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