I’m only on OkCupid now…

& I’m thinking of quitting it…nobody wants me, & I’m sick of it. I’ve done everything I can to attract someone that I’m interested in, but NOTHING works…I’ve had it! I’ve been on Plenty Of Fish, Christian Date, Fusion 101, Date Hook Up, & numerous others that I can’t even remember. I’m tired. People are just mean, uncaring, vindictive, stupid, shallow, & strange to say the least…& I feel like I need to be that way just to protect myself…& I DON’T LIKE BEING THAT WAY! Most women want me to send them money so that they “can come see me”…yeah right, like I fell off the fucking “turnip truck” yesterday. I hate dating, I may never get married…which is all I’ve ever wanted (besides God).

I mean, I do have a great job, good friends, a church I enjoy going to every week, a nice car that’s almost paid off, a good family, nice dog, a nice brand new computer that I just bought, a good education, & other things, & I’m Thankful for all of that, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just sick of being treated like a second-class-citizen (or worse!) when it comes to dating!

I’ve had so many people lie to me, that I find it hard to believe any of them! I don’t wanna be Don Juan or Cassanova or any bullshit like that…I just want ONE person, that I’m attracted to, to love, & it’s like pulling alligator teeth just to get that!

I’ve had a few chances, but I wasn’t really attracted to them other than a friendship type of way….after all, don’t you BOTH have to be attracted to each other for a relationship to work?

I’ve had people lie to me, make excuses, not speak to me, block me, pick an abusive guy over me, ignore me, cut me down, & tear me apart. Hell, I even had one insult me WHILE ON THE DAMN DATE!!! It’s NO WONDER that I’ve gotten to be a mean son of a bitch! I mean, all people have been treated like hell at one time or another, but it JUST NEVER ENDS with me. I’ve gotten where I won’t even approach a female that I find attractive to ask her out, because I’m afraid I’ll just get rejected yet again.

The REAL bitch of this thing, is that I’m an award-winning bodybuilder & according to most everybody, bodybuilders do NOT have trouble getting girls…to that I say, “BULLSHIT!” I ‘ve had trouble with it ALL my life. I recently had a friend of mine say to me, “All it takes is one female to snatch you up”, to which I said, “You’re right, but I’m having a hell of a time just finding one!”

I’ve almost decided that there’s no one out there for me, & when I quit OkCupid, I will effectively be saying that out right.


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