You know…

…sometimes, very rarely, I’m glad I’m not married yet…because I have seen soooooo many of my friends getting divorces, & having problems in their marriges…I mean, EVERYBODY hates divorce, right? Or, at least, is supposed to. I’m a Christian, so I know how this all ends, but sometimes I just can’t help but wonder if God knows what He’s doing…I spent YEARS of my life blaming God for this type of crap, until one day, God finally got the concept through to me of “free will”. Even though I’ve never been through it, & hope I NEVER will, I know it is painful, & that it is VERY damaging.

I just wonder if the whole world’s gone nuts!? I see irresponsible leaders doing stupid things, people killing each other over $200.00 pairs of shoes, kids beating up the elderly, good, solid, foundational laws being replaced by nonsensical laws based on people’s “feelings & self-esteem”, education being “stripped of its truth” because someone wants to be “politically correct”, people voting for leaders based on that particular person’s favorite sport, people more concerned about what some jackass is wearing in Hollywood than the National Debt, what some actor or actress is naming their baby, who’s dating who in “Tinseltown”….I mean…WHO CARES? It’s all a sham, anyway… MY GOD…humans are screwed up! I’m just feeling hopeless…

I’ve got a dear friend of mine who is a communist, athiest, loner…& I’m beggining to wonder if he isn’t right about the “loner” part. More on this later.

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