Alright, I’ve had enough…

There isn’t anyone out there for me, & I’m tired of looking, begging, talking, bargaining, pleading, being told I don’t do this, being told I don’t do that,…I’m tired, I’m tired, I’M TIRED! All I get on Facebook is people begging for money (which I NEVER send)…so that’s no good. All I used to get is hurt, …I don’t care anymore…I AM a one-man wrecking machine! You can’t hurt armor. I DO have an attitude & don’t mind using it to hurt people anymore! If you are a true friend, I will be careful,…but if you’re not known well to me, I will rip you “a new one” with a 3ft long attitude (which goes to show, armor CAN be offensive, as well as defensive in nature), & have NO compunctions about doing so! I am a 5’5 badass, with an attitude from HELL! I hate being this way, but females have forced my hand time & again…meaning, YOU corner an animal,… you WILL get hurt!

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