Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on here……

I’ve won two more trophies for 2014. I’m still having dating issues, but I am calmer about it now. Doing some well overdue cleaning at home. Still attending the same church, which is good. I’m back on POF, but don’t worry about it at all, anymore. Still seeing a Psychologist & a Psyciatrist, but switched Psychologists, which is good. Having minor successes with women, which is also good. Happier being single now, but still hope to be married one day. Things are going largely good for me now! Thought I would retire from bodybuilding at the end of this year, but I still enjoy it & want to do it. Reporter stopped doing story on me,…not sure what happened with that, but not letting it affect me.

Now, like I said, I’m cleaning up around my place…I just got rid of about 40 CD’s that I don’t listen to anymore & good riddance! Just feeling a need to simplify & get rid of a bunch of junk that I don’t need…btw, I’m not done yet…I’m filling up another box as I write this. Still have to go through CD’s more thoroughly tonight. I’m looking forward to it, yet not looking forward to it at the same time. Still finding more stuff to get rid of, Thank God.

I’ve been invited to stay at a good friend of mine’s relative’s house for the Pensacola Show in 2015. Thinking about doing that show next year, but not sure yet. I skipped it this year.

Dad had some health issues this year, but thankfully, it wasn’t major…still, both he & mom are getting up there in age.

Need to start saving more money. I have not done enough of that. I’m working on building up my bank accounts.

I’ve gotten a new social worker to help me at work (not that I need them much), but there are certain issues that I need their help with, & that’s why I keep them around.

Basically, I’m having still a few issues with my life that I’m having to work out, but isn’t it that way with everybody? I mean, none of us are perfect!

Right now, I’m just concetrating on getting RID of “stuff”,… both physical & mental.

Still battling with porn, but feeling like I’ll eventually overcome it, with God’s Help.

Another good thing is, I’m not skipping meds. I’ve gotten myself on a regularized schedule…& that has helped immeasureably, …but, I’ll still feel so much better when I get all this physical garbage cleaned out of my room!