Well, I’m still getting rid of things…

I’ve been shocked at how much I’ve gotten rid of! I’ve almost gotten another box of of crap full & ready to go! Now, I’m looking in all kinds of other places for junk. I think the next thing I’m going to do is clean out old clothing I don’t wear. I’ve got a ton of t-shirts, dress shirts, & polo shirts to investigate & get rid of!  I have not even started on them yet! Next, too, is vacuuming – a real headache! I’m not sure why, all of a sudden, that I felt like I needed to do this, but I’m glad it’s happening…my place was starting to look like Fred Sanford’s Junk Yard! Maybe God is trying to get me ready for something (someone?)… I don’t know, but I’d like to think so, but even if He isn’t, it will still provide me more room to breathe. Which is what I need right now! Plus, I just want to simplify. I mean, most of this stuff I’m getting rid of, is stuff that I got in my teens & twenties. I’m not a hoarder by any means, but it still feels good to get rid of a lot of this stuff! I also guess I need to dust, but that will be after I finish getting rid of things. Right now, I just don’t want to lose momentum!


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