Good side & bad side…

Was talking to a woman on POF for awhile…friendly like…asked her out a couple of times,…each time she came up with some dumb fucking excuse,…I asked her out again today…well, she said she was now “involved” with someone, to which I said, “Congratulations, you held me off until you found someone else.” She called me a jerk. I don’t really give a damn anymore. …but I call someone on the carpet for bullshit behavior, & yet, I’M THE JERK….Don’t quite understand how THAT works, but, like an animal, I just go by what I see…. & NO, I’m not a very nice person anymore, if “being nice” includes getting “run over” by other people. Goddamn, I hate humans…

On the good side, I have a date tonight! She seems nice, looks cute from her pictures. She seemed a little worried that I might not like her because she is, in her words, “chubby”. Who cares? A woman with a little weight is fine! My God, every man is not that shallow!

4 thoughts on “Good side & bad side…

  1. Kerry just read this, I’m saying this because I genuinely care but you have to relax buddy. If you ask a woman out even once and she isn’t keen don’t ask her out another two times your just setting yourself up for a fall, from one man to another it makes you look desperate and I’m sure you are a much better person than that. Also, don’t assume that every girl who talks to you on Pof is interested in a romantic thing some are just being friendly and polite and when someone is really interested you find you can often tell the difference. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, take things slow, let them do a bit of the chasing, there’s someone out there for you and it’ll happen when the time is right, here if you wanna talk any time. Paul

    • I know. The date went well, I know it did…she seemd to like me, but she changed her mind. She talked of another date, Paul. How am I supposed to read that? Most guys would read it as I did “great”. I’m just sick of the lies, man. You ever see the movie “40-year-old-virgin”? That’s me, no joke, I’m a virgin. Now, I don’t do geeky stuff like collect action figures & things like that, but I’ve NEVER had sex.

  2. YOu know you contradict yourself my friend. In posts where you get turned down, you rant and rave that humans are horrid and no one gives you a chance, blah blah blah…yet on a recent post you went on a date, she didn’t turn you down but you said you didn’t feel a spark and didn’t wish to seek more or see it going any further. It’s like the people you date aren’t allowed to do that but you are?

    • Hey Tabitha, How are you? No, hon…what I meant was, honesty…instead of telling me “straight out” “NO, I don’t think it will work”, I was given the run around by her with stuff like “well, I’ve got this and this and this to do here and here and here. It’s garbage. I know I’m going to get turned down sometimes, everybody does…but be straight about it, don’t give the obligatory “I’ve got to wash my hair” excuse. Oh, and to be sure, the one I turned down, I was straight with her, and told her within a couple of days what I thought…now, I wasn’t mean or hateful, but I WAS honest. I didn’t give her some “run-around” excuse. I told her that I just wasn’t feeling it, honestly. My problem is NOT with the turn-downs, EVERYBODY has that…MY problem is with the “run-around” excuses. Truthfully, I am trying to get better at dealing with that type of stuff, but it’s hard. Thanks for keeping me honest:)

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