Not sure what to write in this entry

I’m sick of women lying to me. I had a date at Chilli’s on July 17th. I thought it went well… we sat there for about an hour talking, & found out we went to high school together! She was pretty cute & we made plans to get together next weekend. Well, I texted her & called her a few times, just to talk. She never answered the phone, & answered 2 two texts. Sunday night, she, all of a sudden, decided it wouldn’t work & gave me some damnded excuse about “raising her 14 year old daughter”. Maybe I called too much or texted too much, but as soon as I don’t, they think I’m not interested. I can’t get ANYTHING right. This was NOT God’s fault…it may have been mine…I don’t know. I am getting over the depression pretty quick though,…just SICK of being “led on & lied to”. I just want ONE where we actually like & are attracted to each other!!

So far, all that’s happened is, either I’m attracted to them, but they aren’t to me, OR, they’re attracted to me, & I’m not attracted to them. I’m also tired of blaming God, BUT He isn’t helping at all. I feel like I’m being left, “High & Dry”. Everybody finds love but me. When I die, I’m going to ask God to put me in Purgatory for 10,000 years, so I can PERSONALLY kick BOTH Cupid’s & Murphy’s ASSES!


5 thoughts on “Not sure what to write in this entry

  1. Yes, give it all up, focus on friends and family. Seek new adventures and memories with the people you already know. Work on improving your weaknesses and polishing your strengths. Start living the life you have, give up complaining, focus on happy. Focus on the great in your life and things start happening for you.

    I did that as a New Years resolution and I’ve never been happier. Never before have I felt my friendships have been closer and I love and adore my family, more so than ever. I find the good even on bad days and I am happy to be alive. I go out of my way to help those in need and in return I’ve received so much more. I stopped focussing on the what ifs and the if only in my life and started focussing on the right now.

    I truly believe because of that I am happier and I am no longer worried about who I date, when and If it will happen. My relationship with my daughter is better than ever, same with the strained one with my mom and sister.

    Give it a try, take a break from your search and learn how to be happy in your own skin. You never know who will take notice

  2. Then maybe the break isn’t long enough, you can’t force what’s not there. I’ve been single for three years since I’ve been divorced, been through the ringer with stupid guys and finally realized I didn’t need that plus one to be happy. When the timing is right, someone will enter my life who is meant for me. In the mean time I’m patient and enjoying the life I’ve created on my own

  3. Kerry,
    Do you ever feel like maybe you are trying to hard? And maybe the women don’t want to lie to you, but that you put them in such a position that they don’t know how to let you down?

    I use to be desperate for love and attention to the point of I was constantly being hurt by asshole men, then I took time to find happiness being by myself, loving me, and learning how to be single and on my own. I stopped asking myself what I was doing wrong and hoping that the right guy was just around the corner. I stopped being angry and I started doing things that made me happy.

    I use to feel the same way as you, that everyone has found love but me, but that’s not true. The struggle is very real out there and plenty of people feel lonely. Life doesn’t improve just because you find someone to love, life improves when you learn to love yourself.

    You never post about friends or family. Why not try to spend more time with the people who already like you for who you are. Surrounding yourself with friends and feeling loved and appreciated for your friendships does wonders for the soul.

    Let go of your anger towards yourself and towards God, and maybe just maybe you will be surprised on how happy you can be, with or without someone.

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