I quit CL

I just quit Craigslist about half an hour ago.


I’m a failure…

I can’t get any dates of of Plenty of Fish, & have been on there 12 YEARS…which leads me to think, “what kind of monster am I?” Am I so horrible that I have to BEG to get a date? I’m surprised that I haven’t tried to kill myself! This is demoralizing, as well as hopeless! I’m down! I’m still on Craigslist, Plenty of Fish, & Zoosk. I’m quitting POF in November for good…the only reason I haven’t yet, is because I decided to see if a three month pay period would work,…it hasn’t. There are no words for how demoralized I feel!!! I thought I had friends who were trying to help find me someone, but no one cares. I’m quite surprised that I haven’t tried to hurt myself. This isn’t a “God Thing”,….God has NOTHING to do with this. No matter what I say, this isn’t going to pan out well…all I ever wanted was to have a relationship with mutual attraction, but it is apparent that that will never happen now. Thank God for Prozac!

I quit OkCupid for good after…

paying for a 3 month membership, which I didn’t even use half of. It just isn’t worth it…I just don’t unerstand it, people griping about not having anyone, but treating the people that are interested in them like crap, then griping that they “can’t find anybody”. I’ve also paid for a 3 month membership on Plenty Of Fish & Zoosk (I’ve never tried Zoosk before). If it doesn’t work on POF this time, I’m quitting for good. I seem to be getting some hits with Zoosk, though. Hopefully, that will do the trick…if it doesn’t, I’m completely out of options…except for prayer, & that is one option that almost never seems to work for me. I’m not perfect, by any means, but I wonder what I did to piss God off so bad!? People say, “wait”, but I’ve been “waiting” 41 years now, & it’s time for God to “get off His Holy Duff” & do something! Yep, that’s right,…I said it! If He can’t handle the truth of people hurting, He needs to step down.