I had a horrible 3 day weekend…

1st, I was invited to a meet & greet on Sunday by a girl that I was hoping to date, I tried to go, but never did find it (missed church in order to go, could have used church more), 2nd, then was informed later that she was moving to Chicago with her daughter in a couple of weeks (in effect telling me that she would rather move to another state than date me, …thanks honey, no really,…thanks for making me feel really wanted!), 3rd, went to a wedding of a friend of mine on Monday (brilliant move on MY part, especially with what happened to me the previous day with the girl I was trying to date!) at 4:30, sprinkled & rained like Hell. Was given the obligatory “You’re Next Speech” (I have been given this speech many times before; it’s meant to help, & is ALWAYS taken as such, but is ACTUALLY depressing as hell, because it never happens to me – always the bridesmaid, NEVER the bride sort of thing!), …still, I’m happy for them, …even though I’ll never find mine. I don’t know why I haven’t shot myself, yet.

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