Alright, now, I’ve even tried ….


Faith? You want to talk about faith? Ok, let’s talk about faith! Faith is NOT, …killing each other over Christmas gifts …walking into a heavily populated area, & blowing 15 people away…driving the National Debt to 20 trillion dollars…standing by while ISIS kills innocent people…Faith is NOT,….having a gutless, spineless, brainless, president sit by, while American cities are being burned to the ground by people who want to start frigging race-riots, & egged on by race-baiters like Al Sharpton & Louis Farrakhan…these ARE JUST A FEW of the things THAT PISS ME OFF with humans!

So, NO WONDER it’s difficult for me to find anyone to date if humanity is going this nuts!

Now, I have standards as well, I’m not saying that I don’t,…but I’m not expecting perfection like a lot of women are! What I’m saying is,… too many women are expecting the men that they date to be PERFECT, while society is going to HELL in a hand basket!

I’m depressed, I’m angry, I’m upset, & I’m JUST SICK TO DEATH of hearing women say crap like, “Where are all the good men?”, or “Why can’t I find a good man?”. Well,… HERE I AM! No, I’m NOT 6ft tall…I’m NOT dark…I do talk slow….but I AM in good shape & I DO have a good heart & am NOT abusive. I do NOT take advantage of people, & am SICK to DEATH of people who do! The tragic thing is, I could post this on a dating site & it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference…I mean, yes, people MIGHT read it, but, THE QUESTION IS, “How much would actually sink in?”, & I’m afraid to say, not much.

I’ve been guilty of “being picky” myself…everyone has preferences, & preferences are ok within logical parameters, but damn it, if you won’t date someone because of their hair color, or height, that’s stupid!

Another thing, I am also tired of women saying, “I want a gentleman.” The word “Gentleman” does NOT mean what people think it means today. The ORIGINAL meaning of the word “Gentleman” meant, of all things, “Landholder”. It had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with having manners, or being “nice”….NOTHING. In otherwords, you could be a “Gentleman” (Landholder), and STILL be a total asshole…well, surprise, surprise…imagine that! Now, to be sure, a lot of Landholders DID, & were expected to, have manners, & good business ethics, but that’s not what the word originally meant!

The lunacy of people is truly driving humanity over the edge!

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