I’m retiring from Bodybuilding at the end of May 2015. My mom has not been supportive of this – ever, but I’m retiring because I want to. I still enjoy it, but it’s too draining on my finances.

My mom has never been supportive of this, which is a blessing and a  curse at the same time. So no pressure is coming from her to me to win trophies (that’s the blessing), but the curse is that I’m having to put double the pressure on myself to keep myself motivated, while at the same time, resist her pressure on me to quit!

She’s the same way about me dating; she NEVER has pressured me to find a girlfriend, settle-down, or any bullshit like that…I guess that’s part of the reason why I’ve put double the pressure on myself to find a girlfriend, but lately (like within the past year), I’ve just gotten where I don’t care either…bottom line, I’ve gotten tired of all the crazy human BULLSHIT going on (ex: people killing each other over shoes, terrorism, our fucking crazy-ass president not wanting to concede the fact that Christianity IS at WAR with those camel-screwers we call Muslims, people killing Jews just because they’re Jews, etc.)! A very small part of me, I guess, still cares and still wants someone, but as humanity gets crazier, I care less and less. Tragic.

In fact, this year, I’m not even as vehemently anti-Valentine’s Day as I once was…I just don’t care anymore.