Let’s talk about a little thing called…

“Freedom of Speech”. It’s a relatively new concept, developed by people like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, & John Adams (in case you’ve forgotten your American History) . If I am pissed, I WILL talk about it, & Hell, I might even use profanity, if I so choose! I am a 42 year old MAN, deal with it. I will put whatever I want on MY Facebook, if you don’t like it, the solution is relatively simple, …don’t read it.


Time to drain the Goddamn swamp!

I got to thinking (after I won my 6th bodybuilding trophy) that I don’t really NEED a damned relationship (you girls are more trouble than you’re worth, 90% of the time!). Some guys (like me) have – for lack of a better term – “No luck with women”. Besides, society is rapidly “turning to crap”…anyway, I’ve had my fair share of “Bullshit Artists”. I’ve been on almost every dating site from “here to Hell” anyway, & they’re all the same, full of indecisive, shallow, bigoted, dumb-ass females, who wouldn’t know “love” from a damned “doggie leash” asking me for fucking money to get to “My Town”. Send you money? NO WAY, I didn’t fall off the “Turnip Truck” yesterday, &  I ain’t about to start riding on it now! As “my boy” Jack Nicholson would say, “Sell crazy somewhere else,…we’re all stocked up here”. Besides, I’ve had enough of the “sucky-sucky five bucky” attitude. Females who do that aren’t worth their “salt” anyway.

Now, I’m NOT saying all females are bad…I’m friends with a few that “I wouldn’t trade for gold”, but I AM saying that it’s time to “pack it in” on the damn dating…after all, I’m tired…aren’t you?