The 4th of July…

Men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, & Paul Revere are heroes to me, every bit as much as Superman, Batman, Ironman, & Captain America! The damn thing is that most kids now don’t have any idea of who the first four are, nor what they did!

Let’s take good old Ben, for example, now Ben was involved in Government, to be sure, but what few people realize is that he was also a printer, an inventor, a philosopher, & a diplomat! Good God, the man had more lives than a cat…and he was good at all of them! The man discovered electricity, invented bifocals (which I’m wearing a pair now), invented swim fins (yes, swim fins!), started printing “Poor Richard’s Almanac” (of which, I think is STILL in print TODAY!), & started the first fire department, of all things! He was also one of the first people of his time to promote bathing daily & cleanliness…which most people of the day wore heavy amounts of perfume to cover body odor. In fact, bathing was generally NOT viewed as a healthy pursuit by the general public!

Ben was also diplomat to France during the American Revolution, and he was VERY effective at it! In fact, he was better at it than John Adams…much better at it! Ben was a womanizer, to be sure, but he used that talent to secure French arms, troops, & ships for the fledgling American Nation…what he would do, would be to gain a certain woman’s trust, by developing a friendship or a sexual liaison with her, & she would, in turn, talk to the French King for him. John Adams was always perplexed by French Manners and Customs. John was direct and harsh, but Ben understood the charms and subtleties of French life. That’s just a little about Ben,…a man of many talents.


Alright, this sucks!

I do NOT hate gays, BUT this country WILL pay for what it’s done today! I happen to believe in God, and He will NOT be mocked! I don’t exactly know what’s coming, but I have an idea, and I’m not liking what I’m seeing! God has told us that man shall NOT lie with man, & we have, as a country, defied God! Now, normally, I’m not all “Hellfire and Brimstone”, but this has got to stop! Just who do we think we are? I sincerely doubt obama believes in God! Personally, I think he’s the Son of Hell. Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. God did NOT take a rib from Adam’s side and create Steve! And, I do not care if I am persecuted for believing that marriage is between a man and a woman….I will hold to my beliefs. Now, if they want to do civil unions…whatever, but I will NEVER condone same-sex marriage! Marriage is NOT a right, it is an honor…government should NOT have ANY say in the matter, at all! After all, marriage was NOT created by government…it WAS created by God!

You know…

I am ABSOLUTELY MOTHERFUCKING TIRED of the GODDAMNED liberal left telling me “I should do this” or, “I shouldn’t do that”…

Case in point, The Confederate Flag.

I happen to own every type of official Confederate Flag there ever was…& there were four. Interestingly enough, the one EVERYBODY thinks of as THE Confederate flag…wasn’t. What it was, was the flag of the Confederate Navy, better known as the Confederate Naval Jack, which was flown above Confederate “ships of the line” as a rectangle.  The flag below is a square UNOFFICIAL army use version:

The First Official Flag of the Confederacy:

Although less well known than the “Confederate Battle Flags”,the Stars and Bars was used as the official flag of the Confederacy from March 1861 to May of 1863. The pattern and colors of this flag did not distinguish it sharply from the Stars and Stripes of the Union. Consequently, considerable confusion was caused on the battlefield.

The seven stars represent the original Confederate States; South Carolina (December 20, 1860), Mississippi(January 9, 1861), Florida (January 10,1861), Alabama (January 11, 1861), Georgia (January 19, 1861), Louisiana (January 26, 1861), and Texas (February 1, 1861).

The second Official Flag of the Confederacy:

On May 1st,1863, a second design was adopted, placing the Battle Flag (also known as the “Southern Cross”) as the canton on a white field. This flag was easily mistaken for a white flag of surrender especially when the air was calm and the flag hung limply.

The flag now had 13 stars having been joined officially by four more states, Virginia (April 17, 1861), Arkansas (May 6, 1861), Tennessee (May 7, 1861), North Carolina (May 21, 1861). Efforts to secede failed in Kentucky and Missouri, although those states were represented by two of the stars. This flag also draped the coffin of Lt. Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson after he was mistakenly shot by a North Carolina regiment at the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1863.

The third Official Flag of the Confederacy:

On March 4th,1865, a short time before the collapse of the Confederacy, a third pattern was adapted; a broad bar of red was placed on the fly end of the white field. Incidentally, the broad bar of red was added on the end to keep it from being confused with the “white flag of surrender” while hanging limp.

Confederate Navy Jack:

Used as a navy jack at sea from 1863 onward. This flag has become the generally recognized symbol of the South. Although the army did sometimes fly it, it was NEVER an OFFICIAL ARMY FLAG (as is commonly & erroneously portrayed in movies), & also, when the army DID use it, it was almost always square; NOT a rectangle.

These flags ARE, like it or not, a part of American History, and for some left-wing, nut-job, son-of-a-bitch to tell me that it shouldn’t be flown, OR that I can’t fly it,…he or she, can go eat horse shit!

This IS The United States of America, & I WILL NOT be bullied into “dropping a part of history” that should never be forgotten!

Was slavery a terrible thing? Yes, it was. Is it still going on? Yes, it is. Did the United States do some terrible things? Yes, we did. If we do away with the Confederate Flag, then what’s to stop us from knocking down The Alamo or Little Bighorn Battlefields and turning them into Walmarts!?!

Damn it! You don’t see Jews demanding the Auschwitz Museum be torn down. Why? Because the Jews are smart enough to realize that if you tear it down, people WILL forget (like they are anyway now, because Antisemitism IS, once again, on the rise in Europe!) …because it’s in people’s nature to forget! We almost always do… that’s why we HAVE monuments! Monuments represent both good and bad things in History, and whether you choose to view a flag as good or bad, is your own private viewpoint, but leave it ALONE!

By the way, atrocities were committed under the American Flag too,

Flag of the United States of America

why not take it down?

Dumb-ass liberal idiots!

I’ve been doing some thinking…

I’m still cleaning up around my place & I ran into a book called, “The Mystery Method”, which is supposed to be some sort of book about getting women to sleep with men. Really!?! Humanity is reduced to this!?! I mean, people are still being born,…so why the need for a stupid book? This is EXACTLY why women get pissed at men! I mean, how would you like it if someone wrote a book on how to manipulate YOU!?! Now, I’m writing this from a common sense viewpoint; I’m not trying to score “Brownie Points” with females. Truthfully, I couldn’t give a damn less on scoring “Brownie Points”. I know I suck with females, & always will,… but DAMN guys,…are we so damn hard up with women that we have to read a damn book on how to “sleep with women”? My GOD!!!

Look, to be sure, this IS partially females fault, in that they make guys “jump through hoops” just to date them, let alone sleep with them,…SO guys feel like they HAVE to publish and read shit like this out of need to feel like they’re able to keep up “with the Jones’s” in dating females.

Look, everyone’s different…that’s what these Dickheaded authors & readers don’t understand (and apparently, don’t want to understand). What will get one person into bed, might not work on someone else (male OR female).

Obversely, contrary to what a lot of females might think, all men are NOT pigs…in fact, most of us (men) are pretty decent people. We’re just tired of “jumping through hoops of fire” in order to be with a female. It’s stupid! It’s damn stupid!!!

Females have become so damn choosey with selecting males, that it’s become ALMOST impossible for a male who doesn’t measure up, to find anyone! Example: short men. Women, in general, like their guys to be 6ft (or more), so God frigging help the guy who’s less than 6ft tall!

And then there’s the Democrats…do you REALLY think that all this talk about the “War on Women” REALLY helps the average guy with dating!?! I’m saying this, and I’m only saying this once,…”THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN”, AND NEVER HAS BEEN!

A lot of (not all) females, like to judge males by height, instead of what’s in their heads & hearts, even after they’ve known and talked to the man for a while.  Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen! Hell, I’ve even had one woman tell me that she wouldn’t date me because I wasn’t blonde! I’m not lying!!!

Now, I’m not saying this shit to complain – people are crazy and getting worse by the month -, but I am saying that is at least a 50/50 proposition, if not more so the females fault that she is single, because the truth is, that it is the female who picks the guy most of the time, and NOT the other way around (let’s be honest here!)…think I’m wrong?….then let’s examine this:

The girl wants the guy, she does EVERYTHING in her power to get him, even if he’s not interested in her (now, the man CAN get out of it, but NOT without looking like an asshole).

If the guy wants the girl, but the girl isn’t interested (which is usually MY case), the girl tells the guy to “take a hike”, and that’s it….and if the guy has the temerity (or stupidity) to pursue (as USED to be my case…NOW, I just don’t give a damn), she immediately & conveniently finds “someone to date”, even if the new guy that she’s begun to date turns out to be a piece of shit, just as long as he’s at least 6ft tall. Therefore, the guy who really does care for her, loses out. Then, when she finds out later that the guy she chose to date, turns out to be an asshole…she actually has the audacity to ask, “Where are all the good men at?” My reaction is almost always, “Well, it’s your own damn fault….I would have “treated you like a queen”, but I wasn’t “tall enough” so, you deserve what you get!”

Look, I get the attraction thing, but my point is, give a guy a chance whether he’s 6ft tall or 3ft tall, they might just surprise you!