I’ve been doing some thinking…

I’m still cleaning up around my place & I ran into a book called, “The Mystery Method”, which is supposed to be some sort of book about getting women to sleep with men. Really!?! Humanity is reduced to this!?! I mean, people are still being born,…so why the need for a stupid book? This is EXACTLY why women get pissed at men! I mean, how would you like it if someone wrote a book on how to manipulate YOU!?! Now, I’m writing this from a common sense viewpoint; I’m not trying to score “Brownie Points” with females. Truthfully, I couldn’t give a damn less on scoring “Brownie Points”. I know I suck with females, & always will,… but DAMN guys,…are we so damn hard up with women that we have to read a damn book on how to “sleep with women”? My GOD!!!

Look, to be sure, this IS partially females fault, in that they make guys “jump through hoops” just to date them, let alone sleep with them,…SO guys feel like they HAVE to publish and read shit like this out of need to feel like they’re able to keep up “with the Jones’s” in dating females.

Look, everyone’s different…that’s what these Dickheaded authors & readers don’t understand (and apparently, don’t want to understand). What will get one person into bed, might not work on someone else (male OR female).

Obversely, contrary to what a lot of females might think, all men are NOT pigs…in fact, most of us (men) are pretty decent people. We’re just tired of “jumping through hoops of fire” in order to be with a female. It’s stupid! It’s damn stupid!!!

Females have become so damn choosey with selecting males, that it’s become ALMOST impossible for a male who doesn’t measure up, to find anyone! Example: short men. Women, in general, like their guys to be 6ft (or more), so God frigging help the guy who’s less than 6ft tall!

And then there’s the Democrats…do you REALLY think that all this talk about the “War on Women” REALLY helps the average guy with dating!?! I’m saying this, and I’m only saying this once,…”THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN”, AND NEVER HAS BEEN!

A lot of (not all) females, like to judge males by height, instead of what’s in their heads & hearts, even after they’ve known and talked to the man for a while.  Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen! Hell, I’ve even had one woman tell me that she wouldn’t date me because I wasn’t blonde! I’m not lying!!!

Now, I’m not saying this shit to complain – people are crazy and getting worse by the month -, but I am saying that is at least a 50/50 proposition, if not more so the females fault that she is single, because the truth is, that it is the female who picks the guy most of the time, and NOT the other way around (let’s be honest here!)…think I’m wrong?….then let’s examine this:

The girl wants the guy, she does EVERYTHING in her power to get him, even if he’s not interested in her (now, the man CAN get out of it, but NOT without looking like an asshole).

If the guy wants the girl, but the girl isn’t interested (which is usually MY case), the girl tells the guy to “take a hike”, and that’s it….and if the guy has the temerity (or stupidity) to pursue (as USED to be my case…NOW, I just don’t give a damn), she immediately & conveniently finds “someone to date”, even if the new guy that she’s begun to date turns out to be a piece of shit, just as long as he’s at least 6ft tall. Therefore, the guy who really does care for her, loses out. Then, when she finds out later that the guy she chose to date, turns out to be an asshole…she actually has the audacity to ask, “Where are all the good men at?” My reaction is almost always, “Well, it’s your own damn fault….I would have “treated you like a queen”, but I wasn’t “tall enough” so, you deserve what you get!”

Look, I get the attraction thing, but my point is, give a guy a chance whether he’s 6ft tall or 3ft tall, they might just surprise you!

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