The 4th of July…

Men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, & Paul Revere are heroes to me, every bit as much as Superman, Batman, Ironman, & Captain America! The damn thing is that most kids now don’t have any idea of who the first four are, nor what they did!

Let’s take good old Ben, for example, now Ben was involved in Government, to be sure, but what few people realize is that he was also a printer, an inventor, a philosopher, & a diplomat! Good God, the man had more lives than a cat…and he was good at all of them! The man discovered electricity, invented bifocals (which I’m wearing a pair now), invented swim fins (yes, swim fins!), started printing “Poor Richard’s Almanac” (of which, I think is STILL in print TODAY!), & started the first fire department, of all things! He was also one of the first people of his time to promote bathing daily & cleanliness…which most people of the day wore heavy amounts of perfume to cover body odor. In fact, bathing was generally NOT viewed as a healthy pursuit by the general public!

Ben was also diplomat to France during the American Revolution, and he was VERY effective at it! In fact, he was better at it than John Adams…much better at it! Ben was a womanizer, to be sure, but he used that talent to secure French arms, troops, & ships for the fledgling American Nation…what he would do, would be to gain a certain woman’s trust, by developing a friendship or a sexual liaison with her, & she would, in turn, talk to the French King for him. John Adams was always perplexed by French Manners and Customs. John was direct and harsh, but Ben understood the charms and subtleties of French life. That’s just a little about Ben,…a man of many talents.

1 thought on “The 4th of July…

  1. Great entry Kerry! I enjoyed reading more about ole Ben…and I think I’d be a huge fan, but not crazy about the womanizing part. Though maybe if I was born back then and around him, I might have been swooned too! lol But thanks for educating us a little bit more.

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