The world has gone fucking nuts!!! We have got a gutless, feckless, indecisive bag of shit for a president….it reminds me of a teacher I had in the 7th, 8th, & 10th grades. We had a bully in the classroom who needed to be taught a lesson…but the trouble was that the teacher always felt sorry for him because he was confined to a wheelchair.

This piece of shit president is doing the same thing to the WHOLE country on a number of different issues…from Iran to The Confederate Flag to the Economy to various social issues that are NONE of the government’s business…let’s take a fairly innocuous one:

The Confederate Flag.

Slavery has been OVER in America for 150 years. It was wrong. NO ONE in their right mind questions that,…but the flag itself DID NOT do it. Besides, there WAS slavery in America WAAAAAAAAAY before The Confederate Flag…Surprised? Don’t be. In fact, there was slavery WAAAAAAAAY before America,…remember Egypt? In fact, there have been way more white slaves, than black! In fact, there’s still white slavery today….it’s called China & North Korea. Chinese workers are forced to make goods to sell to America in sweatshops, sometimes at gunpoint. In fact, there were white slaves even BEFORE Egypt enslaved the Jews…in Greece, Greeks would & did enslave fellow Greeks in the Peloponnetian Wars!

“Well, what about the Nazi Flag?”, you ask…good question.

There were actually people being EXTERMINATED under the Nazi Flag…& guess what? Joseph Stalin killed way more OF HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN (fellow Russians) under the Russian Flag, than Hitler did the Jews under the Nazi Flag! I don’t support slavery or genocide, never have, never will, but the American South NEVER committed genocide!

THAT is the DIFFERENCE between The Confederate Flag and The Nazi & Russian Flags!

Was the South misguided in its slavery? Yes. Do we Southerners have a sense of pride about the region we come from? Yes. Would slavery have eventually “died out” had there been no civil war? Yes.

Can symbols change? Yes. “What’s your proof?”, you ask.

Well, the “NAZI” symbol …get ready for this,…used to be (before Hitler “adopted” it)…a religious symbol!

So, yes symbols ARE like people,…they can change…so, grow up, put your “big boy” pants on, & leave people ALONE…unless you want a second American Revolution!

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