3 types of people

I’ve recently heard that there are 3 types of people: Sheep, Wolves, & Sheepdogs.

Sheep: (98% of the public) The average John or Jane Doe on the street. People just trying to live their lives.

Wolves: (1% of the public) The truly bad people (i.e., convicts, terrorists, bad politicians, etc.) trying to prey on the general public.

Sheepdogs: (1% of the public) The protectors of the general public (i.e., policemen, military, firemen, doctors, emergency personnel, whistle blowers, tow criers, etc.). Sheepdogs aren’t naturally born; they’re made.

I’m beginning to go from Sheep to Sheepdog, because I’m tired of society going to hell in a hand-basket. I do it in more of a town crier way, though. I’ve had numerous people try to get me to stop criticizing our stupid, gutless, feckless, turncoat of a president…from people in my family, to people in my church, to personal friends of mine…to that, I say,…NEVER! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & the rest of The Founding Fathers were ACTUALLY UNDER THREAT OF DEATH from King George III,…so, who am I to say that I’m any better than they were!?!

I DO, HAVE, & WILL CONTINUE to stand my ground against friends, family members, co-workers, progressives, & democrats who continue to challenge common sense! The ONLY one I WILL NOT challenge is God (who created common sense in the first place).

The only thing is, I’m a town crier with the soul of a warrior,…in other words, I’m NOT a diplomat,…I state things as they ARE….& when I get mad, I state it in NO polite terms!

Yes, I use profanity, insults, slights, & whatever else I find useful to win,…in other words, I do whatever it takes to win…I AM A SHEEPDOG WITH THE BITE OF A WOLF!


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