Trump II

Look, I DON’T trust Trump. Trump IS a Progressive. Trump says repeal and replace obamacare. Replace obamacare with what? MORE governmental programs? NO! You repeal obamacare and replace it with….NOTHING!!! You let the free-market take care of it by GETTING GOVERNMENT COMPLETELY OUT OF HEALTHCARE….let me say that again…you do it by, GETTING GOVERNMENT COMPLETELY OUT OF HEALTHCARE!!! I’m tired of politicians telling me how to live my God-Given life!!! I don’t normally smoke (except the occasional cigar), but if I did, I would smoke in MY car, which I PAID for…and MY house, which I LIVE in! You come onto MY private property saying I CAN’T do something (short of murder, drug use, OR domestic violence, of course!), people WILL get hurt…I’m sick of it!!! Now, I’m not a violent man, but I WILL defend my God-Given Constitutional rights…ALL OF THEM!!!

Now, while I’m not planning to vote for him in the Primary (I’m a Ted Cruz man!), Trump is doing SOME good things…such as kicking out political correctness,…which I’ve NEVER been a fan of, either! Another thing he’s doing is putting The Fear Of God into the Republican Party!

But, he’s a little too much for me on the ego side….he’s already said that he’ll be the “Greatest President Ever”…umm….no, I don’t think so. Three of the greatest we’ve EVER had are on Mount Rushmore (Washington, Jefferson, & Lincoln…sorry Teddy, you sucked!) & the fourth was, Ronald Wilson Reagan!

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