I’ve not written much lately…

because there’s really been nothing to write about,…I’ve got a girlfriend now, obummer’s getting his evil ass out in less than a year (although it may be too late), I’m NOT competing in ANY contests in 2016, and as far as my church goes…I no longer care what they say about my Facebook posts. I regret that I was stupid enough to get upset about it in the first place. I personally do not care what they say or do now, nor do I care to speak in front of a church that cares more about their image than the “freedoms that God gave us”. It’s tragic…it really is, and as far as putting “Country above God”, which I’ve been accused of doing, and, at times, quite truthfully, wondered if I was doing, myself, and have come to the conclusion that I’m doing NO such thing. I understand that God gave us our freedoms and am upholding MY PERSONAL, GOD-GIVEN, RIGHT TO SPEAK OUT. And guess what? I WILL speak out again if Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, OR Hillary Clinton gets elected President. I take my Liberty seriously, even if no one else does! I hope I’m wrong about Donald Trump making a bad president, but I fear that I’m not. Hillary Clinton represents status quo  (which is the continuation of obama’s shit), Bernie Sanders represents Communism, and Donald Trump represents Authoritarianism. I’m NOT saying who I’m voting for, but it’s NOT one of the aforementioned three people.

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