Why I’m NOT a Democrat and NEVER will be…

There are many reasons why I never will be a Democrat, among which, is because I believe in Personal Liberty. Let me explain, one example is Political Correctness – Political Correctness is an infringement on Personal Liberty, name calling never killed anyone. Take me, for example, I have a physical disability and I do not mind being referred to as handicapped or physically disabled, but when people start referring to me as handicapable¬† or differently abled, I get angry. There are no such words and shouldn’t be any such words, ever. If I were black, I would not want to be referred to as African-American, because American is American, whether you’re black, blue, brown, orange, or yellow. The ONLY exception to this is the American Indian, because they were misnamed in the first place, Columbus thought he had reached India when he landed in America, and called the Native Americans “Indians”, instead of Native Americans, and even then, it doesn’t really matter, because we’re ALL Americans now.

Another instance is the word “short”. If you’re short, you’re short,…you’re NOT “vertically challenged”, I don’t give a damn what people say! I’m sick of “walking on eggshells” because someone might get “offended”. My advice, live with it. And if you’re a virgin, you’re not “horizontally challenged”, you’re a virgin – if it was a good enough term for Mary (mother of Jesus), it should be a good enough term for you!

Now, these are only two or three of the incredibly stupid things that Democrats (and now, SOME Republicans) are instituting now.

Some other things that are starting to happen now is being told what you can and cannot do on your own property! Short of murdering or harming someone on my own property, the government has NO right to tell me what I can or cannot do on my own property which I bought with MY OWN money!

Now, guns…that’s right, guns. It is MY God-Given, Constitutional Right to defend MY life and the life of whatever family I have with the weapon of MY choice, whether it be a .357 Magnum, a Bowie-knife, OR a simple baseball bat! The moment some self -righteous, all-knowing, butt-in-ski, governmental official tells me that I can’t have a weapon,¬† because some 13-year-old child down the street is hopped-up on Riddelin and might break-in to my house and steal my weapon (whatever it is), I’m going to take a lead pipe and beat the living Hell out of that official!

And then, there’s diet…what I eat is MY business, and MY business alone…I’m not going to have ANYONE (outside of my doctor) tell me what, OR how much to eat!

Bottom line, there are a myriad of reasons that I can NEVER be a Democrat, but first and foremost, is because Democrats can’t seem to mind their own damn business and leave everyone else alone!