Well,….I won’t have to…

…worry about Valentine’s Day this year, since we’ve apparently “broken up”, so I’ve already decided that there are some things I’ve got to take care of before I meet someone else:

  1. Get my finances under control.
  2. Get rid of things I don’t use anymore.
  3. Get a more positive attitude (stop the stinkin’ thinkin’)
  4. Get away from the tv and computer more.
  5. Be a bit friendlier.
  6. Work on myself when and where I can.
  7. “Roll with the punches” more.
  8. Don’t date at all for at least 6 months.
  9. Stop the porn, once and for all.
  10. Get back in shape.


I have also decided that I’m pretty much done with my bodybuilding, too. I’m not going to do any shows in 2017. I may still help out backstage, but as far as getting prepped to go back on stage – nah, I’m done with that. Besides, what in the world do I need another dust gathering trophy for, anyway?

2 thoughts on “Well,….I won’t have to…

  1. Ummm yeah you need to stop the porn…that is dangerous business and if you hope to have a successful relationship it has to go. I speak from experience as this was the second biggest thing that broke up my first marriage, after his treatment and attitude towards me. And I feel some of his attitude and treatment stemmed from his addiction to pornography.

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