Well, tomorrow is …

Valentine’s Day, and I am actually ok with it.  I mean, I do not care; it is fine.  I’m single again, and I am fine with it.  I have other stuff to take care of.  And nooo…I am not going to wear that stupid “Bah Humbug” t-shirt that I used to wear every Valentine’s Day.  That was stupid of me, anyway.  I learned much in the 18months that the relationship lasted, and I thank God for that, and I am serious about that!  I learned that it IS difficult to have step-kids in a relationship, even if they’re basically good kids (but spoiled),  I learned that you can offer someone help, but if they refuse it, it is NOT your fault, I also learned that unforeseen things do happen (which I DO know, but it helps to have reinforcement).  I also learned  that people do not always have their priorities in order, and if they do not, it probably will not work.  I am not mad, or bitter…these things happen; end of story.  Bottom line: I learned a lot!


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