Nothing going on…

…today. It has been cloudy and mean looking all day today.  This is how boring today has been…I am giving a frigging weather report!  I tried joining back with Myspace a couple of days ago, but found out it has turned into nothing but a sycophantic Hollywood site for music groups and movies,…blech, I don’t need that!

On a different front, I’m still taking my Prozac on a daily basis, which is helping immensely!  In fact, at this point, even if SHE, herself, wanted to get back with me,…I don’t think I would do it.  At times, I do miss her, but…I know it was for the best, and that God has someone better for me out there!  I am just happy as hell that I am not bitching  and complaining like I used to!  That, as I found out, gets you NOWHERE fast!  Besides, that will not attract anybody, either!  Who wants to be stuck with a damn complaining ingrate?!

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