Well…Crap happens.

Well, I found out last night that Joy Winn Carswell is now engaged!  And I found out from the damn fiancee, of all people!  So apparently, it seems that about the time she clammed up with me at the end of December 2016, she might have been dating someone else on the side!  Worse than that, the guy apparently has a criminal record for passing bad checks – how fitting!  Wait, it gets worse…the guy even showed me the engagement ring on her finger via Facebook Messenger!  I don’t know what I’m more mad over, the fact that she’s engaged so soon after we broke up, or the fact that I found out from him, or the fact that she clammed up on me and wouldn’t tell me anything, or the fact that she texted me nearly two weeks ago, wanting to talk again!  Jesus Christ!!!  I have to be the dumbest asshole on Earth!!!  MY GOD!!!  I’m NOT blaming God for this, …that part of my life is over forever,… thank goodness!  This was purely a human thing, and I recognize that.  I sincerely hope this doesn’t undermine my trust in the female of the species, …but I’m afraid it might.  I’m more determined than EVER, NOT to date until July 2017!  I truly feel betrayed!  I wouldn’t take Joy Winn Carswell back now if she were the last female on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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