I’m doing ok…

I’m still taking my Prozac daily, keeping busy, still trying to get rid of things, and still NOT EVEN WANTING to date until July 2017, …& it’s not really bothering me!  I’m really happy about this, & by saying this, I’m NOT saying that I never want to date again, OR that I don’t want someone in my life again,…I’m just saying that RIGHT NOW, I’m fine with not having someone.  It also helps having great friends like Tabitha Lehrmann, Chris Knight, Steve Smith, Shane Blankenship, Mike Finnegan, Tom & Jeannie Roe, Cindy Perry, & Steve Smith.   These people (along with numerous others) have kept me sane!  This has not been fun, to be sure,…but I AM in a better place now than I was, with a better attitude, & WHEN I do run into the woman who’s right for me, I’ll be ready for her!


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