It’s almost been a week since…

Steve committed suicide, & part of me still feels like 10 lbs. of shit in an 8 lb. bag.  I know, it’s natural, & I will get over it, but my point is that this is natural, & I’m not wallowing in this.  I’m going to be ok.  I’m not depressed or anything like that….& I’m also not blaming myself or anything nonsensical like that.   This is the 3rd time I’ve faced suicide in my life that I can remember,…. the first was a friend of my mom’s, & the second was one of my cousins.  I consider myself as having a “dark side” to myself & I always have (Hence, I’m a BIG fan of Wolverine on the Marvel side & Batman on the DC side).  When I say,  “dark side”, I don’t mean an evil side…I mean, a “don’t fuck with me, or you’ll regret it side”…which has ONLY shown up twice in my 44 year long life that I can recollect….Thank God,…but I digress, the point is, that I’m feeling overwhelmingly positive about my personal life lately,…& that’s good!


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