Gotten rid of more crap…

Thank God…  but what bothers me, is that I had 4 off days to do it & only used 1!  My room IS getting better…slowly!  I still need to work on the closet!  My floor is still crowded with boxes, too!  Although, I’ve gotten rid of some of them.  The rest of them will eventually go in the closet when (if?) I clean it out!  Plus, I still need to set up my new CD player!  I plan to even purge my CD collection.


Evil losers???

Look, I voted for Trump in the general election & I’m happy I did,…but Trump calling Muslims “evil losers” after those bastards killed 30-something children in England at the Arianna Grandie concert, is akin to an 80 year old woman trying to beat on an Olympic Weightlifter’s chest!  You mean, “evil losers” is the best you can come up with after they did something as heinous as that!?!  I mean, My GOD!  I could come up with more drastic shit to call them in my frigging sleep (NOT that it’s about name-calling, but DAMN man, show a little more creativity than “evil losers”, I mean my grandmother, who’s been dead since 1989, could come up with more creative language than that!)!  Hell, even Reagan shocked peoples’ sensibilities when he called the Soviet Union the “evil empire”!   Trump calling muslims “evil losers” after they killed innocent children, is like a child calling an arsonist a “mean man” after he burns the damn daycare down!  Holy shit!  Just bomb these inbred goat rapists back into the middle-ages, where they came from, & dispense with the 5 year old “evil losers” shit!


I don’t know why, but I’m afraid of my old inadequacies of not being able to find a date, when I do start dating again, getting to me again…which is damned ridiculous!!!  I think part of the reason is, that I always get sucked in with people trying to get money from me (scammers).  What I have to realize is, that that happens to almost everyone, & quit taking it personally!  Personally, I think when one of these scammers are caught, they ought to be immediately executed!  No trial…just shot.  I believe there is a “special place in Hell” for people such as this!  I think another reason is, that I’m not a ladies man, & while I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, I think people, in general, have set impossible standards for each other!  Another thing is, that dating sites have just gotten so clogged up, & I’m not talking with people… I’m talking an over-glut of just good-old BAD & SHADY dating sites!  Another thing, is me, I just can’t measure-up to these IMPOSSIBLE standards,..& I’m not talking just a general responsible adult (THAT, I can do!)… I’m talking crap like, owning a motorcycle (have NO interest in), be at least 6ft tall (NOT happening – EVER), pay your bills as well as my own (ABSOLUTELY NOT happening until I’m getting a wedding band on my left finger & am sleeping with you on a regular basis), being blond (not EVER happening), & whatever other shallow stuff people want.  That IS NOT me, & while I’m not rocket-science deep…I’m nobody’s fool, either – DESPITE what my photos MAY look like to you (No kidding – I’ve ACTUALLY had someone ask me if I was RETARDED based on nothing but this photo:

Kerry Corley 2I mean, what the Hell is going on here!?! No wonder I have a Goddamn “Inferiority Complex”!  I post a decent looking picture like the one above , & get asked if I’m RETARDED!!!  First of all, when I got asked that, I felt like answering, “THAT IS A DAMN COLLEGE RING ON MY FINGER, YOU BITCH!!!”  Second, “What the HELL kind of shirt does it look like I’m wearing, …Granimals? Aquaman Underoos?”  Third, “You got legitimate questions?  It’s called,…ASK, DON’T ASSUME!”  Lastly, “What, in this picture, makes me look retarded? ANSWER: NOT A DAMN THING!”).  Now, I’m trying not to be negative here, but it’s this kind of idiocy that just drives me over the edge & makes my “claws come out”!  Besides, I know I’m not the most photogenic son of a gun in the world but damn it, that DOES NOT give anyone in the world the right to cut my photos apart; I used to be hard enough on myself as it was, WITHOUT some smart-ass, low-life, wanna-be hot “therefore I slept with the whole football team” Cheerleader-Captain, whose whole ambition in life is to be the “top model in the world” for Vera Wang!  Jesus Christ!!!  Let me be me, & you be you…OR you will find out right quick how a short, nondescript wolverine whips a bear’s ass!  Bottom line: I’m getting too old to play games like this!

Now, to be sure, part of this has been MY fault, for getting on these “shady-sites”, but if you don’t, how are you going to know which sites are good & which are bad?  I’ve about decided that any dating site has it’s good points & bad points, but the absolute worst have “scammers”.  “Scammers” are any users that try to bilk you out of money. EVERY website has them – EVERY WEBSITE!  BUT, there are some that are better than others for weeding the scammers out, so there IS hope… is not perfect, but they are HIGHLY effective in weeding out scammers!

I was told the strangest thing…

…yesterday…I had a friend of Steve’s tell me that they wanted to get a statue of Steve to remember  him by… wth???  Weird!  I mean, a picture?  Ok.  But a statue???  What in the world is this person thinking???  Just out & out strange!!!  West coast (Arizona) thinkers!  I’m starting to think the ONLY sane state on the west coast IS Alaska!  I felt like I was in the middle of a damn “Twilight Zone” episode!  Somebody has been “smoking the peyote” a little too much!  My God!!!  Talk about shades of Hannibal Lechter!!!  Holy SHIT!!!


I really didn’t want to write OR talk about dating today, but I’m about a month & a half out from “getting back into the game”, & I’m feeling pretty good about it!  I’ve got what I’m thinking is a positive profile (I TOTALLY re-did it like 27- times to make damn sure it was positive!), I’m going to have a friend take updated pictures of me, I’m also NOT going to “live” on my site…meaning, I’m just going to set it up nicely, leave it, let it work, & not do anything to it.  I’ve got other stuff to do than “sit & watch a boiling pot”.  That’s the way I did it last time & I got something, so that’s the way I’m going to do it this time, too!  I’m learning.  It’s taken awhile for my “Bell Curve” to go up, but I’m feeling that it finally has!  I just didn’t think it would take until I was in my friggin’ 40’s to do so!  Oh well…at least it has!

I know I’m NOT USING: Craigslist, OkCupid, Fusion101, DateHookUp, ChristianDate, Zoosk, Match, or anything on Singlesnet.

I’m not sure about this website.  I got on it some weeks ago (inactive, of course), but I’ve received nothing from it, but out of country bullshit.  So, I’m not really sure what to do with it, yet.  I’ve got a month & 1/2 to decide, so I’m in no hurry, but I have a loooooooong history with people trying to “catfish” me!  I’m starting to wonder if I look especially stupid or gullible in my pictures!  Hell, I’ve already had one female ask me if I’m RETARDED because of my picture!!!  I still can’t believe that shit!  What kind of idiot would ask that kind… – SHEESH!!!  For some reason, I tend to attract mostly dirt bags who try & scam me for money (there ARE exceptions, but few, BC is an exception), & I wish I could figure out “Why?”.  But I’m not really going to let myself be bothered by it.  I’m just going to use a site I trust (I’m not really thrilled about that site, either, but I’ve NEVER been “catfished” on it… so it IS trustworthy!), as well.

BTW, “Catfishing” is when people ask the victim for money or some other type of help, in order to rip the victim off (i.e., “Greetings, I’m J’mama J’assole, from Ghana, & I’m seeking to deposit 10 kazillion clams into your bank account for helping with a “legitimate business deal”.  I need you help by getting I & a load of elefant shit in to a place called “youdumas”, you know of dis place? etc…etc…etc…”  OR, shit like, i.e., “I Katerina, Me like you, me from Urghzooistan, Russia…men no good here…all men from Russia drunkerds or ‘busive, is how you say it?  I alone here, parents die  in car crash 15 years long ago, me be sad & alone ever since except for best girlfriend, her name Olga…you know Olga? Anyway, I & Olga always spend Sundays at Moscow Zoo throwing monkey shit at each other, it is funny, we laugh, laugh, laugh…anyway, please I need money for visa so I can come you for America etc…etc… etc…”)  or other such “sad story” crap.  I cracked myself up even writing these examples…for the life of me, I’ll never understand how people fall for this shit…lol!