That is it!

That is it…I’ve had it!  My living space is starting to look like the set of damn Sanford & Son!  I have got me a box….& I’m going to seriously get rid of shit I don’t use, don’t need, don’t want, or just gets in the way!  I have been doing this on & off for a while now, but now, I’m TOTALLY fed up with it!  Jesus, I’ve got enough cups & glasses to start my own china shop!!!  I’ve got to get rid of t-shirts too.  I feel like I’m drowning in stuff!  I’m going to get rid of posters & things like that too…just loads of crap & junk that I don’t need!  I just feel the need to get my life more in order in different ways, this being one of them…another has been my attitude on my Facebook & in my life.  I post way more positive stuff on my Facebook now than I used to…& the thing is, I like it better!  I’m not perfect & never will be, but I feel a damn sight better about myself & what I’m posting on Facebook because of my change in outlook!  Another thing is, I’m going to get my finances back in order (still making slow headway with this one)….hopefully, I’ll be totally out from under it at the end of June!  Joy was NOT a bad person…but it just wasn’t going to turn out right….something like this happens to almost everyone at one time or another.  No big deal.

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