I’m not sure about this website.  I got on it some weeks ago (inactive, of course), but I’ve received nothing from it, but out of country bullshit.  So, I’m not really sure what to do with it, yet.  I’ve got a month & 1/2 to decide, so I’m in no hurry, but I have a loooooooong history with people trying to “catfish” me!  I’m starting to wonder if I look especially stupid or gullible in my pictures!  Hell, I’ve already had one female ask me if I’m RETARDED because of my picture!!!  I still can’t believe that shit!  What kind of idiot would ask that kind… – SHEESH!!!  For some reason, I tend to attract mostly dirt bags who try & scam me for money (there ARE exceptions, but few, BC is an exception), & I wish I could figure out “Why?”.  But I’m not really going to let myself be bothered by it.  I’m just going to use a site I trust (I’m not really thrilled about that site, either, but I’ve NEVER been “catfished” on it… so it IS trustworthy!), as well.

BTW, “Catfishing” is when people ask the victim for money or some other type of help, in order to rip the victim off (i.e., “Greetings, I’m J’mama J’assole, from Ghana, & I’m seeking to deposit 10 kazillion clams into your bank account for helping with a “legitimate business deal”.  I need you help by getting I & a load of elefant shit in to a place called “youdumas”, you know of dis place? etc…etc…etc…”  OR, shit like, i.e., “I Katerina, Me like you, me from Urghzooistan, Russia…men no good here…all men from Russia drunkerds or ‘busive, is how you say it?  I alone here, parents die  in car crash 15 years long ago, me be sad & alone ever since except for best girlfriend, her name Olga…you know Olga? Anyway, I & Olga always spend Sundays at Moscow Zoo throwing monkey shit at each other, it is funny, we laugh, laugh, laugh…anyway, please I need money for visa so I can come you for America etc…etc… etc…”)  or other such “sad story” crap.  I cracked myself up even writing these examples…for the life of me, I’ll never understand how people fall for this shit…lol!




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