I really didn’t want to write OR talk about dating today, but I’m about a month & a half out from “getting back into the game”, & I’m feeling pretty good about it!  I’ve got what I’m thinking is a positive profile (I TOTALLY re-did it like 27- times to make damn sure it was positive!), I’m going to have a friend take updated pictures of me, I’m also NOT going to “live” on my site…meaning, I’m just going to set it up nicely, leave it, let it work, & not do anything to it.  I’ve got other stuff to do than “sit & watch a boiling pot”.  That’s the way I did it last time & I got something, so that’s the way I’m going to do it this time, too!  I’m learning.  It’s taken awhile for my “Bell Curve” to go up, but I’m feeling that it finally has!  I just didn’t think it would take until I was in my friggin’ 40’s to do so!  Oh well…at least it has!

I know I’m NOT USING: Craigslist, OkCupid, Fusion101, DateHookUp, ChristianDate, Zoosk, Match, or anything on Singlesnet.

3 thoughts on “Okay…

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way. But you said you didn’t want to talk or think about dating until July. Yet since you have first made that decision, how many times have you mentioned dating in a post or talking about your dating sites, etc? I think you ought to literally count them so you can see you have been thinking about it a lot. I think you are consumed more than you realize and even though you are trying not to, possibly dwelling too much on it. Because you bring it up and throw it out there A LOT! 🙂 Just don’t want you to stress yourself out. Sorry, I am playing future Dr. Tab…lol

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