I was told the strangest thing…

…yesterday…I had a friend of Steve’s tell me that they wanted to get a statue of Steve to remember  him by… wth???  Weird!  I mean, a picture?  Ok.  But a statue???  What in the world is this person thinking???  Just out & out strange!!!  West coast (Arizona) thinkers!  I’m starting to think the ONLY sane state on the west coast IS Alaska!  I felt like I was in the middle of a damn “Twilight Zone” episode!  Somebody has been “smoking the peyote” a little too much!  My God!!!  Talk about shades of Hannibal Lechter!!!  Holy SHIT!!!

2 thoughts on “I was told the strangest thing…

  1. Why is that so strange? Haven’t you admired statues of political or religious figures? Or sculptures? It’s the same thing. They would like to remember him in a likeness because they revered him. Not a thing wrong with that.

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