Evil losers???

Look, I voted for Trump in the general election & I’m happy I did,…but Trump calling Muslims “evil losers” after those bastards killed 30-something children in England at the Arianna Grandie concert, is akin to an 80 year old woman trying to beat on an Olympic Weightlifter’s chest!  You mean, “evil losers” is the best you can come up with after they did something as heinous as that!?!  I mean, My GOD!  I could come up with more drastic shit to call them in my frigging sleep (NOT that it’s about name-calling, but DAMN man, show a little more creativity than “evil losers”, I mean my grandmother, who’s been dead since 1989, could come up with more creative language than that!)!  Hell, even Reagan shocked peoples’ sensibilities when he called the Soviet Union the “evil empire”!   Trump calling muslims “evil losers” after they killed innocent children, is like a child calling an arsonist a “mean man” after he burns the damn daycare down!  Holy shit!  Just bomb these inbred goat rapists back into the middle-ages, where they came from, & dispense with the 5 year old “evil losers” shit!

2 thoughts on “Evil losers???

  1. I respect him more for watching his language, even though they deserve to be called worse, true. But I don’t appreciate hearing or reading vulgar language, as most respectable women do not either.

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